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Orange Peel Grab Product Information

The Orange Peel Grab is a specialized and highly efficient material handling tool designed for various industrial applications. With its unique and distinctive orange peel-shaped grab buckets, this equipment excels in securely grasping and handling bulk materials, such as scrap metal, waste, or other irregularly shaped loads. The design allows for effective penetration and a secure grip on materials, making it ideal for tasks involving the efficient loading and unloading of cargo. The Orange Peel Grab is particularly well-suited for industries like scrapyards, recycling centers, and marine applications. Its versatility, reliability, and ease of use make it an essential tool for enhancing efficiency in material handling processes.


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Orange Peel Grab
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Orange Peel Grab
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Orange Peel Grab
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Orange Peel Grab
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Orange Peel Grab
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